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Prometheas Virtual Receptionist Services

In today's competitive business world, every call counts. A missed call can mean a missed business opportunity. Meetings, office breaks and holidays are all a part of the everyday business environment making it impossible for you to be at your desk all the time. To make sure no call goes unanswered, get in touch with Prometheas and get access to virtual receptionist services. By opting for Prometheas 's live receptionist services, you can either avail full time live receptionist services or part time help with overflow calls. We will act as a virtual extension of your company. Our trained and qualified virtual receptionists will help you stay connected with your current and prospective business customers via telephone, e-mail or chat. Just tell us your virtual receptionist requirements and we will customize our services to meet your business needs.

Why opt for live virtual receptionist services?
  • Outsourcing to a live virtual receptionist will save you not only the cost of having to hire a full time receptionist but will also save you the space of allotting an extra desk for an actual employee
  • With a live virtual receptionist handling your calls 24x7 you can have the peace of mind knowing that you are not missing any business opportunity and that all your customers are taken care of
  • A live virtual receptionist does not call in sick or ask for benefits
  • You will have no more phone interruptions when you are in important meetings
  • Your business will flourish and your customers will be pleased that they are well cared for
  • Your customers will be pleased with your efficient customer support and give you repeat business
  • Our remote receptionist service executives are experienced customer service professionals

Prometheas virtual receptionist services
  • We can answer, screen and forward your business calls
  • Our customer support can send your calls to your voicemail
  • We can effectively sell your products or services
  • You can get 24x7 customer care for your business
  • We can return calls to your customers on your behalf
  • Our virtual receptionists can reply to e-mails from your customers
  • We can also take messages and send it to you via e-mail or fax
  • Our call center agents can schedule appointments

7 reasons why you must choose Prometheas for receptionist answering services
  • Your customers will never know you are using remote receptionist services, as we use the latest in customer support technology to ensure superior voice quality. Our call center agents are also given stringent training in their accent before they are allowed to work on projects
  • Your customers will be greeted by our friendly, courteous, and professional virtual receptionist with the customized greetings that you provide. You can be assured that your valuable customers will get our undivided care and attention
  • Our remote receptionist will pre-screen all calls, giving you more time with important callers
  • We will allot not just one, but a team of virtual receptionists that will guarantee that your business will never miss another important phone call again
  • We can provide you with 100% recording and real-time reporting
  • From a remote location, we offer all the benefits of having a personal, on-site receptionist at a fraction of your operating cost
  • Our multi-channel call centers have state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure

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