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Prometheas Phone Answering Services

Are you losing customers who call after business hours? Do your potential customers hear busy signals when they call? If you organization is facing a similar situation, consider outsourcing your telephone answering services to Prometheas. Prometheas is one of the world's leading providers of offshore phone answering services. Several global customers have benefited from our professional yet cost-effective live phone answering services. When you outsource live answering services to an expert like Prometheas, you can be assured that every single call that you receive will be answered quickly and in a very personalized manner. We use the latest in technology for our professional answering services to ensure that there is a proper dissemination of information. Choose Prometheas as your telephone answering services partner and never again lose the call of another valuable customer. Make sure that all your calls are answered. Outsource business answering services to Prometheas today.

Why use 24 hour answering services?

In this fast paced world, you could lose a formidable amount of business if you do not answer your phone calls in proper time. Your customers expect you to answer their calls immediately even if it is by an answering machine. You cannot force your customers to give you business only during your working hours. This way you might just lose your potential customers. This is where engaging the business answering services of an expert like Prometheas can come to your aid.
Outsourcing live phone answering services to Prometheas can help you to cater to your customers even beyond your working hours without having to keep your office open. At Prometheas, we have live answering service operators who are trained to handle your calls as if they were working for you from your premises. Your customers will not be able to know the difference and your organization will not lose another important call.
By investing in expert answering services outsourcing, you will soon see your bottom-line increasing. The cost that you would have to incur will not be even half of the increase in revenue that you will experience.

Prometheas – Your ideal live answering services partne

Make a decision to outsource small business answering services and call answering services to Prometheas and get access to the following benefits:

  • Round-the-clock services – Prometheas can provide your organization with after-hours phone service on a 24/7 basis. We can handle order entries, inbound call center services, virtual secretary services and similar such services. You can choose to forward your call to us either after your working hours or on a need basis like when your line is busy with another call
  • Cost effective services – The answering services of Prometheas are very reasonably priced. The benefits that we offer our phone answering customers far outweigh the cost involved
  • Experienced Resources – The call answering operators at Prometheas are screened and trained exhaustively to ensure that out customers' valuable calls are answered proficiently
  • Latest technology - Prometheas uses state-of-the-art technology and equipments to effectively meet the phone answering requirements of our customers. The answering service is equipped with emergency backup systems that ensure that there will not be any loss of work even in cases of severe power outages
  • Customized live answering services – Prometheas customizes its phone answering services to meet the unique needs of different customers. After thoroughly understanding your requirements we will devise a solution that best suits your needs

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