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Outsource Direct Mail Follow-Up Services

Convincing potential customers to buy your products/services can ensure in increased sales. A direct mail or email follow-up can ensure that your prospective customers are regularly reminded about your products/services. This will remind your customers to buy the services/products that you offer. If client follow-up is not part of your core competency, consider outsourcing email management services to an expert like Prometheas. Prometheas is one of the world's leading providers of email management services. Several global customers have availed of our client follow-up services and increased their sales. With our years of experience in the field of customer follow-up, we can approach your potential customers with regular direct mails and convert them into loyal customers who will buy only your products/services. Choose Outosure2india as your offshore customer follow up services partner and give your business a competitive edge.

Why outsource direct mail marketing services?
  • E-mails are an essential element in most successful marketing strategies
  • E-mail follow-up can enable your organization to contract your prospective customers without disturbing them and this can be done any number of times
  • E-mail marketing facilitates a prompt response from your prospective customers
  • E-mail marketing can ensure that your customers are well informed about your products/service

The direct mail follow-up process at Prometheas

Prometheas can help your organization increase its business conversion rate, by optimizing your advertising campaigns. We can also create a long-lasting customer relationship through our efficient customer follow-up services. The client follow-up process at Prometheas is as follows:

  • The well-trained professionals at O2I will first call your customers and verify their name and addresses
  • This will ensure the right delivery of your message to the right prospects
  • We will then mail them with the required mail, after which we will follow-up with a personal phone call
  • We will then convey information about your products/services and their benefits along with your message to your customers
  • This potent combination of direct mail with call center follow-up will certainly triple your product response rates

Email follow-up involves sending the prospect an email stating the desired message and the product/services of your organization. This is followed-up on a regular basis with no additional marketing expense. Prometheas can also provide you with Email Support Services.

Prometheas– Your ideal customer follow-up services partner
  • Outsource to Prometheas and your customer follow-up services will be in the expert hands of the most efficient and qualified operators of direct mail follow-up services
  • Outsource to Prometheas for increased lead qualification and quantification rates. You can also benefit from reduced costs per lead
  • Prometheas direct mail follow-up services, direct mail marketing services and email follow-up management services can result in immediate sales
  • Our direct mail services are entirely flexible and highly cost-effective
  • We target specific and precise prospective customers to ensure optimal sales
  • Mailing followed by a personal call enhances the impression of the products/services offered by your organization
  • We also offer additional beneficial services such as 800 answering service and order taking services that can help to improve the scope of business

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