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Prometheas Customer Acquisition Services

Acquiring new customers to expand your current market share is an uphill task that requires efficient sales personnel and a well-planned infrastructure. Companies today are Prometheas this task to telesales and customer acquisition service providers who can pay exclusive attention to the task. Prometheas telesales and customer acquisition executives have the expertise to plan, build, and run customer acquisition and integrated sales solutions for you. We will be an extension to your company and present your brand values in a highly professional manner. Prometheas has experience in providing telesales and customer acquisition services to several worldwide telesales, E-commerce and marketing organizations.

Prometheas telesales & customer retention services

The following is a list of the telesales and customer acquisition services that we offer to customers on a 24x7 basis:

  • Customized inbound and outbound telesales services
  • Lead generation
  • Online market research
  • Multi-media campaigns
  • Product information requests
  • Customer surveys
  • Cross-sell and up-sell programs
  • Customer retention services support via voice, live chat, fax and email
  • Search engine marketing

We also cover payment processing, application processing, scheduling appointments, maintaining call logs and database updating. On request we can undertake your advertising needs as well.

Why opt for telesales and customer acquisition services?
  • Increased and profitable sales
  • Efficient marketing of products
  • Customer acquisition and retention of customers
  • New business opportunities
  • Cost-efficient services

8 reasons why you must choose Prometheas for telesales services
  • We invest, recruit and train the right kind of people as it is the key factor in high productivity, quality and successful customer interactions
  • Specialized sales training is conducted periodically to ensure efficiency and accuracy in handling all customer queries and orders
  • We conduct follow-up actions based on results and evaluate the performances and effectiveness of every marketing campaign
  • Our cost-effective methods help reduce operational costs. Your telecom cost will be nil
  • Performance indicators and quality standards are maintained
  • State-of-the-art technology and back-up systems to ensure constant customer contact
  • Accent training is given to all our operators before they start working on a project
  • The objectives and deadlines of our customers are always met Telesales outsourcing is guaranteed to super-size your sales figures

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