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Outsource Cold Calling Services to Prometheas

It is a fact that calling up total strangers to talk about your business and persuade them to either set up a meeting or buy your product, ranks first on the top 10 list of things business owners find terrifying and cumbersome. But it is also a fact that cold calling is an easy method of advertising your business and at the same time selling your products. The telephone in this case makes for an excellent business tool. Cold calling aids in the process of generating and increasing your income. Does cold calling give you cold feet? Outsource this critical function to Prometheas and see your business flourish. It takes a lot of time and money to hire, train, and manage a team of cold calling personnel within your company. So outsourcing cold calling services is a good option for you. We at Prometheas are experts in turning cold calls into actual sales calls. This not only takes confidence and professionalism but also expertise which is what you will get when you partner with Prometheas.

Prometheas cold calling services

We cover many areas through our cold calling services from insurance cold calling to real estate cold calling to cold calling telemarketing. Our cold calling services can help you with the following:

  • Define your markets
  • Research a company's business and their human resources needs
  • Craft good calling scripts
  • Conduct e-mail campaigns
  • Send out useful introductory notices
  • Conduct cold calling lead generations to capture prospects

When done right, with smart research, scripts, good presentation and delivery, cold calls will definitely land your business. You can be assured that the cold calling telemarketing personnel at Prometheas will contact customers and strike the deal for you.

Why outsource cold calling lead generation services to Prometheas?

Convincing cold calling sales scripts
Most people receiving a sales call absolutely loathe hearing artificial sales scripts. At Prometheas the cold-calling professionals are well-trained and competent in writing scripts and editing them as and when the need arises. We edit the calling scripts to suit every customer as each one has specialized needs and preferences. Our sales scripts are written every year to keep things new and fresh.
Experienced cold calling sales professionals
Not everyone is born a salesperson. Like every skill, the more cold calling sales one does, the better one gets. This is partly true of our cold calling agents. They not only have experience but are also tenacious and effective lead generators. There are bold and efficient in gaining access to prospective individuals /companies.
Effective cold calling
When we do a cold calling business or cold call selling, we make sure the prospect hears about your product or policy in detail along with the features in the shortest time possible, which helps them realize they actually need your solution.

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