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Prometheas Claims Processing Services

In today's competitive business environment it's wiser to outsource some selected services so as not to lose focus on activities critical to one's business. Claim processing is one such service that can be outsourced. Outsourcing of claim processing call center services can be anti-distracting, cost saving and highly beneficial for your group. Prometheas is one of the world's leading providers of offshore claims processing call center services. We have been providing a large number of global customers with efficient and cost-effective claims processing BPO services. Outsource your claims processing call center services to Prometheas and give your organization a competitive edge.

How is claim processing executed at Prometheas

At Prometheas, complex claims processing tasks are performed effectively by using scripted call management system with back-end delivery and enterprise-level reporting systems. The advanced systems at Prometheas can automatically deliver messages to customers via fax or email when it detects urgent dispatch requirements. Later the agents initiate a page or voicemail message to alert the customer or the agent. The systems at Prometheas are customized, as per the criteria of the customer like date, time of day or type of call, to deliver the messages to different people or distribution groups. The system prioritizes the messages on the basis of their emergency level. Messages which do not meet the specified emergency criteria are scheduled for delivery at pre-determined times.

Benefits of outsourcing claim processing services to Prometheas

The expert claims processing call center services team at Prometheas can process claims in a much faster, accurate and cost-effective way. There are a number of benefits that you can derive by claim processing BPO outsourcing to Prometheas, including 24X7services. A few benefits are mentioned below:

  • Faster turnaround time: Irrespective of the claim volume, the expert claims processing team at Prometheas can process claims within a fast turnaround time. The time limit that our claims processing call center executive take ranges from 12 to 24 hours
  • Accuracy: At Prometheas, our high level of accuracy is something that we vouch for
  • Web-based reports: When you outsource claims processing services to Prometheas , we can provide you with real – time web-based work in process (WIP) reports
  • Support facility: Prometheas has strong programming support and well trained data engineers
  • Quality: Our claims processing executives follow stringent quality assurance processes to ensure quality at every step of the process

Prometheas – Your ideal claims processing call center services partner

Outsource claim processing to Prometheas and get access to the following:

  • Advanced infrastructure
  • Latest claims processing software and technologies
  • Highly skilled claims processing professionals
  • Quality claims processing BPO services at a cost-effective price

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