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Prometheas CATI Market Research Services

Outsourcing is an obvious choice for the modern business looking to cut costs and maintain quality operations. Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) is the perfect fusion of technology and quality, with the bottom line being that you get the desired data without any headache of planning and managing it yourself. The interactive system guides interviewers to probe with important and effective questions, ultimately improving your market research data.

Offshore Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing Services to India

By outsourcing CATI (computer aided / assisted telephone interviewing) services, you'll be able to rest easy knowing that you're obtaining quality performance data that you need to capture. Our automated predictive dialer center employs Rapid Dial to interview consumers and improves your international business-to-business market. The growth of market and efficient tools means that there's never been a better time to outsource CATI solutions to India.

Why Outsource CATI Services to Prometheas?

Are you wondering why CATI service outsourcing to India, and specifically to Prometheas? Prometheas CATI services are fully comprehensive, covering all your needs for questionnaire design, design functions, automatic call scheduling, interviewer training, and enterprise reporting. Questionnaire design is critical for getting the most useful information from your data. Prometheas CATI system constructs the most sensible questionnaire design, with special attention paid to logic and response values. Our design functions are uniquely customized to your needs, and make use of autodialing to limit human error. Our automatic call dialing aligns all factors to ensure that you get the highest response rate and most valuable responses possible. Interviewers are trained by Prometheas to ensure reliable and high-quality data. Enterprise reporting condenses the critical information and delivers it to you in real time. All these services operate smoothly from offshore, allowing you to focus on other processes and tasks while remaining assured that your CATI needs are taken care of quickly and efficiently.

Advantages of Outsourcing Your CATI Requirements to Us

There are many advantages to outsourcing your business to Prometheas, these are::

  • Our staff is trained and committed to quality outcomes and can take pressure of CATI services that your in-house staff may not take along with their core tasks; as maintaining several processes can become overwhelming and burdensome
  • The cost of maintaining full time staff to manage CATI systems simply doesn't make sense; O2I can help you shed the burden. Our CATI system has been mobilized and refined since 2002, providing solutions to companies around the globe. Let our experience work for you
  • Our CATI solutions are comprehensive and take care of the task from start to finish, beginning with questionnaire design all the way through contacting customers about their experience with interviewers
  • Our range of CATI services are 100% transparent and includes telephone interviews for product launches, Insurance, Healthcare and other customer satisfaction surveys
  • We serve a host of industries like Retail, Software / IT / ITES, Broadcasting, Food, Online Printing, Healthcare, and Real Estate, to name a few
  • We have delivered over 50,000 man hours of CATI market research services for over 17 years. You can read more about them in the "Case Studies" section
  • We can help you detect customer churn with 100% voice recording at our CATI Call Center

We Can Help You Retain Your Customers

At each step of providing CATI Solutions, we're leveraging our knowledge, systems, and professional background in the industry to produce exact data you need. Our system is simply the most effective and well-organized mechanism for accomplishing your goals with little work from your end. The final product will be an efficiently managed process completed outside your office, giving you and your staff the required confidence and freedom. Obtaining, condensing, and reviewing data is a breeze with Prometheas. Partner with us today to maximize your data, time, and budget. We've got the solutions to meet your needs in a timely and effective manner. Capitalize on our strengths and experience revenue increase in your business. We believe in total transparency, and allow our customers to make informed business decisions. Calculate your call center staffing and budget before taking the plunge!

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