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Top 9 Programming Languages of 2016

A jobs survey few weeks ago published a great report about top 25 in-demand jobs. More than half of them are in tech and require the programming skills. If you are more interested in the fastest growing and the more lucrative career, you might have to learn how to code soon. In-fact, start preparing after reading this article. 

Now comes the tough part, which programming language to learn?

To narrow down the things, we compiled date from a job portal. Being not a huge list, it still provides an insight about the most in demand programming languages by employers. 

In-Depth about the 9 Most In-Demand Programming Languages

1.    SQL

Without much surprose SQL which is pronounced as ‘sequel’ is sitting on the top of the job list since it is far and wide in various flavors. Technologies about databases like PostgreSQL ,MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server power huge organisations, small businesses, banks, universities, schools, hospitals, etc. Infact, almost every computer or laptop or smartphone or tablet and person access to technology used something like SQL. For example, all iPhones and Android phones uses SQL database  named SQLite and many mobile apps use it directly. Top web development company in India, web development company in Malaysia, and in all countries are taking benefit of SQL.


2.    Java Language

The 20th anniversary of Java was recently celebrated by tech community. Java is one of the most used programming languages and being used by around 9 million developers it's currently operating more than 7 billion devices globally.Java is also used to develop all Native android apps. Java is popular in developers community as  readability and simplicity are the main aspect of this language. Java is going to be around for long term as it have long term capability, which allows older applications continue to remain now into future. Java is not going anywhere soon and it's the main power source used in the websites like Netflix, Amazon LinkedIn and more.

3. JavaScript

JavaScript – don't be confused with Java..!! – JavaScript is another most popular and powerful programming language and it's wide used for to spicing up the web pages by making them more interactive. JaveScript is used to add effects to the web pages, displaying pop-up messages or even to create basic games. Technically JavaScript is the scripting language of the WWW (World Wide Web) and is used in all major web browsers including Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari. Almost every website uses JavaScript to enhance the user experience which adds to the high demand for JavaScript coders. Recently, JavaScript is also widely used as the foundation of Node.js, which is a server technology that with many other things,  allows real-time communication. Best web development companies in India and abroad have adopted JavaScript to add features on websites.   

4.    C# (pronounced C-sharp)


Since from 2000 A.D., C#  which is pronounced C-sharp is actually designed by Microsoft for a huge range of enterprise apps which operates on the .NET Framework. A combine version of C+ and C++, the C# language is simple, modern, basically object oriented language. Software Development Companies in Malaysia and abroad do need professionals knowing C#.

5.    C++ (pronounced C-plus-plus) 

C++  which is pronounced C-plus-plus is a general purpose and object-oriented programming language upgraded version of C language. Developed  at Bell Labs by Bjarne Stroustrup, C++ was released in 1983 A.D. Bjarne Stroustrup keeps a long list of apps coded in C++ language. This extensive list includes Adobe and Microsoft applications, MongoDB databases,huge portions of Mac OS/X and is one of the coolest language to for learning performance oriented apps like such as general game development or tasks such as audio/video processing.

6.    Python Language

Python Language is also  general purpose programming language named after Monty Python which symbolise that it's fun to work on...! Python is simple and yet incredibly readable as it closely resembles the most common English Language. It's one of the best language for starters and perfect match for seasoned professionals as well.  Python is used by PBS, NASA and Reddit for their websites. Web Design Companies in IndiaWeb Design Companies in Malaysia and in all countries are using Python on their big projects. 

7.     PHP Language

Created in 1994by Danish-Canadian programmer Rasmus Lerdorf , an open-source language PHP was never actually looked like a new language for computer or software programming. Infact, the basic motive in creating PHP was to create a set of tools which can help it's creater Rasmus to maintain his Personal Home Page (PHP). However today, PHP (Hypertext Pre-Processor has evolved as a scripting langiuage, running on the server, and can be used to create HTML web pages. PHP is quite popular in new programmers as it's easy to use. It also features tons of advanced features for experienced programmers. Facebook uses PHP. PHP is widely used by top website design companies in indiabest website design companies in Malaysia and best website design companies globally. 

8.    Ruby on Rails

Similarly like Java or C languages, Ruby language is also a general purpose language,.Ruby is best known for usability in web programming, Rails works as a framework of Ruby Language. Ruby on Rails has many plus points including fast development, much coding is not required, and moreover it gets benefited through a wide variety of 3rd party libraries. Ruby on Rails is used in organisations ranging from small start-ups to large enterprises and everything which comes in between. Ruby on Rails is used by Hulu, Twitter, Github and Living Social for at least one of their web.

9.    iOS/Swift

Finally 2014, tech giant Apple Inc decided to develop it's own programming language and the  result was Swift – a newly invented programming language for iOS and OS X developers for creating killer applications. Developers will feel most parts of Swift language are similar like C++ and Objective-C. Companies like American Airlines, LinkedIn, and Duolingo have quickly adopted swift, and tech experts are sure that swift language will rise in upcoming years.

Any great  has a bunch of tools with himself which can be used based on the situations and scenarios. In the same way, there is never going to be a singer development language, and all languages will evolve and improve in upcoming time which will allow them to match the pace of innovations.


This is the reason, if you want to become a developer, it’s very important to have proper knowledge of several languages which makes you versatile and adaptable and then keep learning the languages throughout the career.

Prometheas Technologies  have experts having knowledge of  all above languages and can code perfect softwares and web applications for your organisation. You can check more at www.prometheastech.com and can even apply for a free quote or guidance for any question related to information technology. 

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