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Six Reasons Why Web Designing Profession Will Live Long

Last two decades have seen tremendous evolution in the practice of web design. Even some people believe that the web designers will not longer be needed in future as the tech will take it over, we believe web designers will still be most important part in building a website and they will continue to be important our online presence. I will like to share an example, Sergio Nouvel published a controversial article in UX Magazine in 2015 and he gave five reasons to make his case on why web design is no longer a important profession. Surprisingly Sergio’s concluded in the same article stressing on the fact that the UX Designers will continue to be in demand. I do agree with the real fact that the days when web developers and web designers used to create designs Photoshop and later convert them into HTML are gone. However, I believe Web Designers with vast experience and great knowledge will continue to be in demand for a longer time. I have six reasons to prove why web designing profession is not yet dead:

1. Website Security and Maintenance

A secure website is a must for building a grand reputation of any company. In the same way, website design along with it's structure and maintenance is an important part for search engine optimization - SEO. Hackers always takes advantage of websites having outdated security. Lack in security may leak some very important information of clients or can infect the computers of the website visitors with virus. Because of this, one of the prime requirement of a company or a business is selecting an SEO company or Website Designing Provider is to maintain their website and frequently update provide the security updates. Since most people are not that much good with updating the website design, content and security, they will need services of a web designing company. Complex websites collecting sensitive information from customers or e-commerce websites must have service from experienced website designer who updates his knowledge frequently.

2. Expert Online Branding

Recently at some website designers gathering, one of the experienced  person in this industry said made submission that the roles of a web designer are to deliver the quality content and a great brand to the visitors. I do agree with him as it shows why the big organisation's have web designers as a part of their marketing team and not their complete IT department. In her recent articles, Jitendra Gautam, an CEO of Prometheas Technologies Private Limited, pointed that the web designer's ability to design web pages which forward the brand of the company is very important. This integrates the marketing and website design. Now as the wall existing between marketing and technology have been removed, web designers have to diversify their skills by gaining knowledge Branding, content and marketing. 

3. Expert Web Functions

As the technology have revolutionised, our daily tasks are linked to use the internet and web design and development will play a huge part in it. This shows that the skills of any web designer or developer should catch the latest trends. Web developers have to think big and try to learn android coding, blogging and customised application development among others. We can say the web design is not a dying career but actually it's an evolving one just like others.

4. Internet branding and Marketing Expertise.

Digital Marketing Strategy provides an proper budgeting of the required marketing activities, the proper online marketing steps and scheduling the appropriate content distribution. Although there are readily available online marketing planners, the deep knowledge and expertise of a web designer will be a big help get most positive output from your online marketing activities.

5. Taking Web Designing as an Art

Web design can still work as a great field for the ones who want to give shape to their new ideas and convert them in creative web design. In today's era, people discuss about user experience which directly refers to the look, feel, and the content which a website visitor will really expect while visiting a specific website. According to Jitendra Gautam, the website visitorw will keep growing their expectations when it comes to feel and the look of a particular website. General elements of a website starting from the fonts, background colors or images, digital info-graphics, colour themes, presentation videos, and unique layouts will remain most important part of a website. Therefore, web designing is still  a viable career for those who want to bring their ideas in front of the world in the form of art know as web designing.

6. Quality Websites vs Normal Websites.

A huge chunk of the content which is present on the world wide internet today is produced by frameworks like  PHP, Drupal, WordPress, Blogger and others. These frameworks simply you the way to save money and time. Due to web technology evolution,  ready made templates of almost anything is available in the market. There a now millions of themes and templates of almost all types of websites a human can imagine. However, we understand that there are still a lot of chances required in the template or theme before making the website live which is quite a hassle for non technical people.  According to Jitendra Gautam, automation can never substitute the requirements of a good quality websites: however, it may lower the opportunities for the website designers who have expertise in website designing field. Generally small business owners just have interest in having online presence only, there are  still huge opportunities for expert web designers and web designing companies in the market. The market is growing and having online presence is a must for every business and this is where a web designer is required. Automation is not a complete solution for at-least next 10 years.

We can conclude that web designing is still along and it's going on well and it will definitely continue to grow as long as the designers adapt to the emerging new trends in the Website Designing Industry.

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